Self-responsible and autonomously negotiated settlements render the best condition for sustainable solutions. Negotiation through mediation offers potential means for family and business relationships to maintain and pursue the achievements on a trustworthy basis. Mediation therefore pays high attention to a healthy nurturing upbringing of children and their wellbeing. Reciprocal willingness to achieve an acceptable solution for both conflicting parties is a prerequisite for conducting a mediation. The mediator moderates the process of mediation impartially, is therefore neutral and does not represent any party's interests.


Great imbalance of power and influence, mental and intellectual disabilities, domestic violence and ongoing criminal proceedings can form a contraindication for mediation. The limits for conducting a mediation are reached when such dependencies and influences inhibit standing up for oneself, eliminate or overly limit one's capability to autonomously participate in the mediation.


Mediations I generally conduct together with a female mediator (not compulsory). Additionally to my work in my own practice I assist mediations as a team-member in two public mediation centers in the canton Zurich. Do not hesitate to contact me for additional information and guidance.

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