Legal counseling and representation

Marital law, separation, divorce, family law, children law, marital contract, inheritance contract, last will, partition of estate, property law, neighbor law, law of association, extramarital community, registered same-gender partnership, mandates

Profound legal counseling reveals the decisive factual and legal situation, can offer guidance in optimal solution decision-making and contribute to avoidance of future conflicts. As an attorney-at-law / barrister I additionally represent the interests of my clients in tribunal proceedings before national and indicated international courts as well as in extra-judicial dispute proceedings mainly in following listed law and main working fields:

Civil law

Marital law, separation, divorce

Family law und child law, inclusive representation of children in national and international affairs

Marital contracts and inheritance contracts

Inheritance law, execution of last wills, partition of estates

Property law (i.a. neighbor law, protection of possession and property)

Law of associations

Contract law

Extramarital communities (cohabitation) and registered same-gender partnerships

Mandates, work contracts and service contracts

Corporate law, incl. company foundation and domicile administration for small and medium sized enterprises (SME)

European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR)

Protection of human rights, including conducting proceedings and representation before the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR)

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