Collaborative Law Practice

Collaborative Law Practice (clp) is a interdisciplinary, extra-judicial dispute resolution process which originated in North America. This sustainable conflict resolution method was introduced in Switzerland only a few years ago, however it's successfully implemented practice enables lawyer's representation without contested judicial procedures.


The optional participation of additional clp-professionals such as coaches, financial experts, family and child specialists appropriately implemented can facilitate sustainable results in all legal matters. The clp-lawyers and their clients, as well as all other participating clp-professionals, commit themselves contractually not to litigate at court during and after ending the clp-process regardless of it's outcome. Inherent within this process only specially trained clp-professionals can work together and all relevant information and documents must be disclosed following a target-orientated negotiation of integrity and mutual respect. All clp-professionals are organized in regional clp-pools.


Even though clp offers resolution mechanisms for any kind of disputes it's practice actually is mainly applied in familiy matters such as separation and divorce. Healthy nurturing upbringing of children and their wellbeing among separated parents with two households needs a sustainable collaboration among the parents in all children affairs. The clp-professionals have a strong focus on these values. Do not hesitate to contact me for an assessment of a clp-process.


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